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Monthly Full Moon Ritual

Full moon ritual moon of abundance

The night of the Full Moon

1. Tidy your space, throughout the day in preparation clean your home or room after all clutter doesn't help anything or anyone and a cluttered home is a cluttered mind and we need absolute clarity to manifest our desires.

2. Buy some candles or some intense sticks, we actually like using sage and we carefully burn it in a fire proof dish (Always be cautious when using flames) and cleanse the space you plan to do your Full Moon ritual in. 

3. Make a nice comfortable spot, maybe some cushions or a chair, we often have a cup of herbal tea to hand. If you have any crystals this would be a good time to use them and place them on you or nearby.

We use the following:

Clear Quartz to set our intentions,

Rose Quartz to bring in more love,

 Amethyst for balance.

Labradorite for good fortune and monetary benefits .

Citrine to bring happiness & Joy 


4. Have paper and pen to hand

5. If you like soothing music feel free to find a gentle sound track that won't be too distracting for your ritual. Take a seat and make sure you won't be disturbed - this is your time. Take deep breaths and relax .

Allow your mind to wander and when you are ready think about the things that no longer serve you or you feel are blocking your progress. Tonight you will be releasing these to Lunar, you will be surrendering these, so you can make room for all the good stuff to arrive. The universe and lunar work well together - clear out the clutter and negativity to give you space to receive.


6. Once you are clear on the things you want to release, grab your paper and pen and begin to write - for example below:

"I release my negative self talk as it no longer serves me"

"I release my fear of being hurt"

'I release my worry for money and I make room for abundance to flow to me "


Take your time, enjoy the relaxing process - you may even get emotional - let that come and acknowledge it's appearance and allow it to flow.


Once you have written down your 'releases' (We recommend no more than ten) read them aloud or internally, acknowledge and thank them for appearing but now it's time for you to say goodbye to them to make room for so much new light that is on it's way tonight.


7. Take your fire proof dish and carefully place your paper and burn those pieces until they are dust . (It maybe safer to go outside when doing this plus its a full moon what better night?! ) after you have burned the 'releases'

take a seat meditate on that release and thank Lunar for removing these blocks and allowing light to flow into your life in all aspects and thank her for the healing energy she so generously shares with the world. We often take a seat and sip our tea, hold our crystal and fill ourselves with a ball of white light that comes all the way down from our crown to our toes.. sit as along as you need.

8. Congratulations you just released some serious blocks - it's no easy task, be proud!

9. The final stage : take the dust from the burning outside and release it to earth with an open and grateful heart. 


Finally sleep well and allow the light & space you created tonight to flow effortlessly, freely and with no harm onto others into your life.


Our next beginners ritual will be all about the NEW MOON which is a super magnetic time to use the space you cleared on the full moon to get specific about those things you want to bring into your life  and we will be exploring new moon rituals for beginners!