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High Grade Statement Pieces

These high quality specimens from all over the world are great for an average collector to avid collector. 

Using rock specimens for your interior design will create a unique focal point in any room. 


Splashes of color and the mineral properties of the stones will change the energy in the space and your environment. 

Moon of Abundance Moldavite Tektite Czech Republic | 3-Pack | Under 1 Gram Each
Moon of Abundance Howlite | Obelisk
From $80.00 - $85.00
Moon of Abundance Malachite | 5.5 inches
Moon of Abundance Chevron Amethyst Towers | 10-12 inches
Moon of Abundance Ocean Jasper Towers | 7-12 Inch
Moon of Abundance Clear Quartz Cluster | 6.3 Lbs