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Full Moon Bath Ritual

Moon of Abundance

Posted on October 23 2020

Full Moon Bath Ritual

The full moon is an incredibly powerful time in the lunar cycle because it is when the moon is at its brightest and strongest. Connecting with the lunar moon during this part of the moon cycle aligns you with its high vibrations and allows you to channel that powerful energy when it comes to your intentions for new beginnings  and whatever you are manifesting for your next chapter in life.


One of the most powerful ways to work with the full moon energy is through a ritual bath specifically designed for this phase of the lunar cycle. This full moon bath combines a crystal practice with other energy tools so you can harness the full energetic potential of the full moon. 

Here is what you will need for your full moon spiritual bath: 

Step 1: Clear Up The Energy of Your Space

Light up and begin to cleanse your space, and focus on the calming energies of a Jumbo Prosperity Stick help to clear away negative energy and raise the vibration of your environment. This allows you to set the mood for the rest of the ritual so you can fully receive the benefits of your full moon cleansing bath. You can also listen to your favorite music to invite harmony into your space and bring light and joy to your intention.

Step 2: Take Your Full Moon Bath

Once you have completed a preliminary energy cleanse of your space, it’s time to take your full moon salted rose petal bath. This combination of energies works to rejuvenate and recharge your spirit so you can manifest your full moon intentions at the highest frequency. 

If you do not have a bath tub, you can create a foot or hand soak instead to receive the benefits!

  • Fill your bathtub with warm water and ½ cup of bath salts to the water. Then, use your hands to mix the salts in with the water and program your bath by saying out loud, “I program this water to recharge and rejuvenate my mind, body and soul.”
  • Add in your white flowers and petals. White florals are hold the energy of the full moon, and bring a cleansing, earthing element to your bath.
  • Hold the Pink Moonstone or Labradorite in your hands and say out loud, “I program this crystal to connect me with the energy of the Full Moon to recharge and rejuvenate my energy.” After programming your crystal, place it in the water or over your heart.
  • Now that you have set the intention for your full moon cleansing bath, soak in the water for 11-21 minutes. While soaking, visualize the shimmering white water as an embodiment of the moon’s bright energy. Feel this powerful energy soaking into every cell of your being, raising your energy to be as bright as the full moon. Bring to mind one intention that you want to supercharge, and direct this energy to your intention.
  • When you are finished soaking in your full moon bath, let the water drain and take with it anything that was holding you back from manifesting your intention. 

Full Moon Bath Ritual 

Step 3: Maximize Your Potential 

To amplify your energy even further and add another layer of energetic power, use  moon-charged water onto your skin after your bath. The full moon water can be made by placing a bowl of water under the full moon and allowing the moon shine overnight. The next day, place the water in a bottle and spray some on your heart, on the back of your neck, behind your ears, on your third eye, on the crown of your head and on the palms of your hands to open yourself up to your full potential. This activates specific energy points on your body to help you maximize your energetic potential and supercharge your manifestation power. 

Step 4: Keep Your Intention Close

Carry your Moonstone crystal or Labradorite crystal with you in your pocket or place it somewhere you will see it each day until the new moon to stay connected to the energy of your intention. Remember to spritz moon-charged water and this will help you reprogram your energy and bring your intention to fruition.

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