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Benefits of Drinking Shungite Infused Water

Moon of Abundance

Posted on August 23 2020

Benefits of Drinking Shungite Infused Water



Shungite is the world’s oldest hydrocarbon-based rock. It was first described from a deposit near Shunga village, in Karelia, Russia, hence its name.  It is not a mineral, and shungite comes from only one place on Earth – an area known as Karelia, which is divided between Russia and Finland.

Shungite is pretty new here in the west, but it is told that the Russian Emperor Peter the Great was so impressed with the healing effects of water passing through the shungite stone deposits, that he created a shungite spa for his soldiers. Those who had been exposed to a poisonous ore and drank from that water recovered much more quickly than those who did not.

Scientists have discovered “fullerenes” in shungite, which have remarkable properties. Among them, fullerenes boost the regenerative ability of human tissue and influence the exchange of neurotransmitters, which can improve a person’s resistance to stress.  Shungite water science shows fullerenes are effective in very small doses with benefits that can last for months. Among potential health applications: Cardiovascular disease, Kidney disease, Liver disease, Pancreatic disease, Gastritis and dyspepsia, Gallbladder problems, Anemia, Asthma, Allergies – antihistamine, Chronic fatigue, Arthritis, and used as an anti-inflammatory.

How does Shungite Purifies Your Water Supply?  Remarkably, shungite-filtered water is safe to drink without any additional purification process, such as boiling or chemical treatment. Shungite water filtration cleans water by removing phenol, iron, manganese, chlorine, nitrates, nitrites, bacteria and micro-organisms. This is also observed and published effect of drinking shungite-filtered water. Shungite water not only filters for contaminants, but with its fullerenes and minerals, contributes to health and wellbeing on many levels, solving one major health concern after another.  Cheers!


Shungite Water Moon of Abundance

Shungite also has the amazing properties of protecting our bodies from harmful electromagnetic frequencies such as WiFi (cellphones, smart technology, etc.). EMF exposure has been studied and linked to such health problems such as reproductive damage, DNA damage and oxidative stress, brain cancer, cognitive problems, insomnia, fatigue/malaise, tachycardia/bradycardia (heart rate issues), digestive disturbances and cataracts.  Shungite is also fashioned into jewelry worn as bracelets, necklaces, etc., to protect your body. It is also used in a stick-on application to be placed on phones, microwave ovens, smart TVs and meters.  Shungite rocks can be placed strategically throughout the home, car and office, and a little rock goes a long way. You may be skeptical, but checking the results of your shungite stones with an EMF reader around your home will leave you amazed!


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